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Ayrborne Hockey is a great opportunity for female athletes who would like to continue playing  competitive hockey in the off-season.  Included with every tournament registration is a minimum of two on-ice practices.  Each registered athlete will receive an item of  Ayrborne apparel for registering and those registered in 3 or more tournaments will also receive an Ayrborne Hockey sweatshirt.

Ayrborne Athletes

U18 GIRLS TIER 1&2 2024

2007 2008 2009

Ayrborne Teammates

U15 GIRLS TIER 1&2 2024

2010 2011

Ayrborne Practice

U13 GIRLS TIER 1&2 2024

2012 2013

First Time AYRBORNE Players!

All NEW players to Ayrborne Hockey spring teams require a set of Home & Away Jerseys and pair of socks.  This is not a requirement for returning players who's jerseys still fit. 

Home & Away Sublimated Jerseys plus one pair of Socks


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